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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Purusha & Shakti

We live in a beautiful world with towering Mountains and huge rivers, with all objects and materials around us. We see things around us, we touch them, we can smell them, even taste and observe them. But still something seems to be strange ??

There seems to be something that I cannot see, touch, smell or taste. It seems beyond books, language and observation. I believe that “Consciousness” can neither be seen, touched, smelt nor tasted. It can neither be put in words nor expressed. It can only be felt and experienced through “Consciousness” itself.

Just like a roots of a large tree which grows deeper and deeper. But it too needs a seed (an embroyo, a “Hiranyagarbha”), which again comes from the tree itself . The world is a dream of the Consciousness, like every dream needs a dreamer. Just Like the "Purusha", the Consciousness stimulating or triggering the "Shakti" to take forms and shapes. In the sense that there is no duality, they are just inseparable..!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Disclaimer: This sketch has absolutely nothing to do with "Go green policy" or "Save Earth  propaganda" or "Dooms day".

A butterfly is a representation of Metamorphosis of life. I believe Life and Death, Beginning and End are illusory, they are essentially transformation of energy. Life and Death are just a simplistic truth of a coin; a coin which is just a figment of imagination. But for me the only truth is the Transformation and Metamorphosis. Death could very well be a “wake up alarm” from the imaginary dualistic world, to the purity of Oneness. What ever it may be, I surely am waiting to be woken up by myself..!!  

Friday, April 13, 2012

A 23 Minute Epic Journey

A journey through ends of nature, a journey through space and time. First came the dense tropical forests. Such green and lush, actually the green and the red looked so saturated, completely popping out in the blue of the sky. The trees were so huge and seemed like a giants swooping down to provide shadow to all. The journey through them was just breathtaking.

Then came the hot barren vast expanse of desert. The sun clamoring down upon us with intense hot winds, sand and smoke blowing all around. It was tuff surviving through all that, but we somehow managed to escape.

Then out of nowhere came the vast open plains and endless pastures. So beautiful but occasionally the  twisted wires and ropes happened to separated us from the pastures.  
Just then we entered a cave. Dark and cool.. beautiful and Silent. But it was short. The journey seemed endless, not willing to give up.

We wandered for some more time only to enter the chilling world of the poles. It was blue and white everywhere I looked. So Cold and majestic it was.
It seemed that a Mahayug had gone in this journey. A epic journey through silence of peace and clamor of ignorance.

We were now just waiting to get elevated into the skies. It was a long long wait… one which seemed to be endless and eternal wait. It’s not easy to get elevated beyond this realm of reality and we truly experienced it. Another Mahayug had seemed to cross by then.

But finally the cylindrical glittering saucer appeared and propelled us in the skies. Floating up in the skies I heard a beep and then finally realized that I had reached my office. A 23 minutes of epic journey from Hoodi circle to ITPL had finally ended.......!!!

तत् त्वम् असि: Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda

“ Mit jaate hain
Sabke nishaan
Bas ek who mit-ta-nahin
Maan le har mushkil ko, marzi meri
Ho humsafar na tera jab koi
Tu ho jahan, rahoonga main wahi
Tujhse kabhi na ek pal bhi main juda
Tu na jane aas pass hai khuda..”

These words for me explain almost EVERYTHING..!! The so called modern science can grope and flush out theorems and equations, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.. but all of it put together can hardly explain the world any better than what the poet has here, so eloquently put in the above paragraph. 

So poetic yet containing such profound scientific and spiritual understanding.
I hope to truly understand these few lines of the poet, and for me that will be the day when I will look through the veil of “Ignorance”.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Going Beyond...

I have my eyes closed and can feel my heart beating. Beating in almost syncrony to my breath. I see a huge ball of mass  almost a planet of huge size with a even more humongous disk of ice and rock rotating around it. I see a star.. bright ..really bright. Its rays reaching far and wide in the dark deep infinity of cosmos. It seemed like a bright torch in the dark.

Just then I notice a small pair of glittering golden wings fluttering in the emptiness of space.. gliding past this mammoth effortlessly. It paid no attention to this giant beauty instead flying nonchalantly..!!
This was a heavenly sight.. one that I would never forget....

What I have drawn here does no justice to what  I had seen. I even tried using crayon.. but still no where close. I guess I will try oil paint now to capture the beauty I had seen.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Trance within....

Silence is what I breathe in and breathe out. What lied in front was darkness and what lied behind was darkness as well. It seemed there was no ambient noise and felt as if I was within a void. Heart beat was steadily rising and could feel its rhythm. The beats of a “Damru” and the pulse of the nerves were nearing the same. But soon numbness set into my feet and there was this strange tingling in them.

I started feeling lighter and seemed to be vibrating with the energy. A strong gush of wind blew past me and I felt as if I was blown away in the emptiness of space. I truly felt as if I was defying laws of gravity, probably Mr. Newton may not be exactly elated at it (in the heaven or may be in hell.. who knows..!!!). What I experienced next was incredible. All of a sudden, felt a sharp momentum and started spinning about a thin beam of light. It was really fast and I felt more than a touch dizzy. I was spinning faster and faster in the void.

After some time the dizziness and the anxiety gave way to tranquility and calmness. It seemed that I was now rotating, almost gliding about a beam of light on a curved space. I could very well be moving on the surface of ellipsoid. The beam of light then just vanished, with me being lost in the nothingness of void. That is all I can recollect before coming out of the trance by the loud ring of my cell phone (damn)..!!!

It makes me think, if the cell phone wake me up from a dream or did it put me into a dream..!! I guess the state of trance just dissolved the line between a dream and the non-dream, or it’s possible that there is no distinction between the two.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Journey through an Incredible Year : 2011

Lidder Valley. Kashmir

Varthur LakeBangalore

On the way to Dudhsagar falls

Dudhsagar falls. Karnataka

Dudhsagar falls. Karnataka

Tadiyandmol. Coorg

Tadiyandmol. Coorg

Near Yellema lake. Bangalore

Near Yellema lake. Bangalore 

Sadarmangala Lake. Bangalore

Sadarmangala Lake. Bangalore

Hoggenakkal. Tamilnadu

Hoggenakkal. Tamilnadu

Hoggenakkal. Tamilnadu

Dal lake. Srinagar

Naranag village. Kashmir

On the way to Gangbal lake (4000m).  Kashmir

Mt. Harmukh peak. Kashmir

Gangbal Lake. Kashmir

Lovely family of Akhtar bhai. Naranag

Lidder Valley.  Pahalgam

Lidder Valley. Pahalgam

Yellow winged darter. Bangalore
Yellow winged darter. Bangalore

Ramdevra betta. Ramnagaram

Lodhi Garden. New Delhi

Viceroy butterfly. Delhi

Wings of Freedom..!!

Banks of Ganga. Patna

Banks of Ganga. Patna

Kumara Parvat. Subramanya

Kumara Parvat. Subramanya

View from top of Kumara Parvat. Subramanya

On the way to Kumara Parvat. Subramanya

Charmadi ghats. Karnataka

Kodekallu peak. Karnataka

View of Kumbhkallu peak. Karnataka

Charmadi ghats. Karnataka

Kumbhkallu and Minch kallu. Karnataka

On the way to Yerikallu peak. Karnataka

Kotebetta peak. Karnataka

From top of Kotebetta peak. Coorg

From top of Kotebetta peak. Coorg

Bababudangiri peak. Chikmangalur

Bababudangiri peak. Chikmangalur

Sakrebyle. Karnataka

Sakrebyle. Karnataka

Sakrebyle. Karnataka

Augumbe. Karnataka

On the Way to Kumbhkallu peak. Charmadi  

Kumbhkallu peak. Charmadi

View from Kumbhkallu peak. Charmadi

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Ramdevrabetta. Ramnagaram

Burning Cactus. Ramnagaram

View from Ramdevrabetta peak. Ramnagaram

Ganga. Patna

Egyptian Vulture

Hebbal lake. Bangalore

Hebbal. Bangalore

Sadarmangala lake. Bangalore

Panorama of Bababudangiri ranges

Gangbal lake (3600m). Kashmir

Varthur lake. Bangalore

Kumbhkallu peak. Charmadi

Bababudangiri ranges. Karnataka

Kumbhkallu peak. Charmadi

Mt. Harmukh and the Holy Gangbal lake. Kashmir

Mt. Harmukh and the Holy Gangbal lake. Kashmir

Kumara parvat. Subramanya