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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Trance within....

Silence is what I breathe in and breathe out. What lied in front was darkness and what lied behind was darkness as well. It seemed there was no ambient noise and felt as if I was within a void. Heart beat was steadily rising and could feel its rhythm. The beats of a “Damru” and the pulse of the nerves were nearing the same. But soon numbness set into my feet and there was this strange tingling in them.

I started feeling lighter and seemed to be vibrating with the energy. A strong gush of wind blew past me and I felt as if I was blown away in the emptiness of space. I truly felt as if I was defying laws of gravity, probably Mr. Newton may not be exactly elated at it (in the heaven or may be in hell.. who knows..!!!). What I experienced next was incredible. All of a sudden, felt a sharp momentum and started spinning about a thin beam of light. It was really fast and I felt more than a touch dizzy. I was spinning faster and faster in the void.

After some time the dizziness and the anxiety gave way to tranquility and calmness. It seemed that I was now rotating, almost gliding about a beam of light on a curved space. I could very well be moving on the surface of ellipsoid. The beam of light then just vanished, with me being lost in the nothingness of void. That is all I can recollect before coming out of the trance by the loud ring of my cell phone (damn)..!!!

It makes me think, if the cell phone wake me up from a dream or did it put me into a dream..!! I guess the state of trance just dissolved the line between a dream and the non-dream, or it’s possible that there is no distinction between the two.