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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mind of the God

Mind of the God

{An alternate interpretation of this}

Each and every cell in our body is equally alive as us. We are nothing but a huge collection of cells, really smart cells. So does the cell ponder upon its origin just as we individuals do? If the cell does ponder upon its origin, then can the cell ever truly understand its purpose and its origin? I do not think so; I believe that a cell cannot truly understand its purpose in the bigger picture unless it can manage to pop out of its plane, to higher dimensional plane (that could be ours) and then glance at the bigger descriptive picture of reality.

We as humans ponder upon our origins and are perplexed, amazed by the nature around us, but we hardly have been able to understand it, to say the least we are miles and zillions of miles from understanding even a fraction of the true nature of reality. Yes that’s true, if you are one of those who boast’s of our present Science and technology then just pause for a moment and observe around you. You would soon find that, in front of Nature’s technology, our technology is too obsolete and pathetically non-sense.

So doesn't this put us at par to a cell.. Why not? Don’t both exhibit very similar nature? Is it possible that we all are just like a cell, performing a specific purpose in the bigger picture (in a higher dimension).  So are we just a cell in someone’s mind? May be....?

The nature of reality is beyond most of us, but some who gain enough “Siddhis” can manage to pop out of this dimension into a higher one to truly understand the nature of reality and consequently understand the purpose of their origin. As a result attain “Moksha” , liberation from one plane to a higher one.

But what if the one who pop’s out of this plane to higher one, realizes that he is now a “part” of another “whole”, ongoing increasing levels of plane; holy.. it’s a fractal …!!  Possibilities are endlesswhat we think is impossible, is just a possibility waiting to turn into eventuality.