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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Purusha & Shakti

We live in a beautiful world with towering Mountains and huge rivers, with all objects and materials around us. We see things around us, we touch them, we can smell them, even taste and observe them. But still something seems to be strange ??

There seems to be something that I cannot see, touch, smell or taste. It seems beyond books, language and observation. I believe that “Consciousness” can neither be seen, touched, smelt nor tasted. It can neither be put in words nor expressed. It can only be felt and experienced through “Consciousness” itself.

Just like a roots of a large tree which grows deeper and deeper. But it too needs a seed (an embroyo, a “Hiranyagarbha”), which again comes from the tree itself . The world is a dream of the Consciousness, like every dream needs a dreamer. Just Like the "Purusha", the Consciousness stimulating or triggering the "Shakti" to take forms and shapes. In the sense that there is no duality, they are just inseparable..!!