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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alive in Thouhts

Our notion of existence seems to be limited and constricted to this physical/material world. We think that we are alive because we can consciously act, perform actions in the material world around us. But every action of ours is result of a thought. The thought precedes every action, which is to say that the action is not an independent event nor does it happen on its own. Each of these thoughts also get translated to memories. So in essence, every though/memory may be linked to an action and these actions are merely an after effect to the thought. 
To give an illustration of that, if one twitches his/her finger; one is able perform this, not just because of the muscles in action, instead the muscles can do that only when the very thought of moving the finger itself arises. Hence will it be wrong to say that our physical lives in this 3 dimensional space-time is merely an fragment of a far higher realm? It’s more likely that we may all be truly “alive” in the limitless realm of thoughts and memories, while experiencing a small chunk of it trapped in this physical reality. Our thoughts and memories are the only thing that makes us what we are, quite literally. So I guess investing on wealth etc hardly makes any sense; instead just invest in collecting good thoughts and memories because that’s all we are.

The question then arises, what is a “thought” and from where does it arise? Conventional Science is still far from understanding what a “thought” is, let alone from where it arises. Thoughts are truly mysteriously magical, something beyond the physical realm. They just cannot be described as neural activity in the brain, because neural activity is merely triggering and re-triggering of electrical pathways in the brain, but how can this result in a conscious experience? If that was the case, even a mere electrical wire carrying current would result in a conscious experience; every electronic instrument has electrical pathways, but that doesn’t give rise to thoughts. Does it?  To truly understand “Thoughts” one probably has to transcend from the black box of this 3 dimensional space-time and dive into the higher realms/lokas.

So in essence it’s not activity in the brain which seems to give rise to a thought, rather the other way round. The more I think of it the more magical it seems. It gets even crazier & amazing when I start pondering on the question as to where the thought arises. Do we consciously think of a thought? Or Is it merely put in our subconscious mind and we just happen to recognize it and then act upon it, completely oblivion of the fact that we may never be truly creating our thoughts. It almost seems to me, there is some kind of drop box in our subconscious, where thoughts are dropped in for us to pick; by a Superior power, The “Ordainer”, but we are kept in persistent illusion of creating them. We think we are driving this vehicle, instead it’s possible that we are just been driven remotely. We think we are the ones choosing to turn right or left, instead it’s possible that we being told to turn right or left; we are just deaf to the whisper in the subconscious.

This proposition has far reaching implication and brings us to a very interesting query, “Do we then truly have free will?” Is it simply "Will" or "Free Will"? It’s almost disturbing and painful for most to even harbor the notion that we might not have free will. I think we are still to understand even remotely the notion of "will", but for once if we can keep our false sense of control and ego aside, we would realize that it can give us the sense of ultimate freedom. For me this notion completely destroys/dissolves the constricted structure of society, all bondage, all borders and boundaries. It tells me that all our thoughts and in essence all life, including us all, trace back to one "Source". 

Lastly let me quote two completely diverse sources speaking of the same truth. 

Sri Ramana Maharishi: “The Ordainer controls the fate of the souls in accordance with their prarabdhakarma. Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore is to remain silent.” 

Verse from Hadees-e-Qudsi: 

Aye Ibn e Adam.Ek teri chahat hai, 
aur ek meri chahat hai,
Par hoga wohi jo meri chahat hai,
Par agar tu ne supard kar diya us ke,
Jo meri chahat hai,
Toh mein bakhsh doonga tujhko wo bhi,
Jo teri chahat hai,
Par agar tu ne naafarmani ki us ki,
Jo meri chahat hai,
Toh mein thaka doonga tujhko us mein,
Jo teri chahat hai,
Phir ho ga wahi, Jo meri chahat hai...



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